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Sanctuary (A)

Images of Spirit, Empowering Women, Honoring the Sacred Feminine Sanctuary (A)

(infinite potential series)
2000 Mara Friedman
oil on panel, 15 x 20 in. 

Dedicated to my soul sister Norma Jean -
Thank you for blessing me with sanctuary and sweet aloha.
I treasure our friendship and your playful, free spirit.

As much as possible, I return to Kauai, home of my spirit. The sublime beauty of this island fills me with deep joy. While there I spend much quiet time absorbing the mana... the exquisite spirit  of Hawaii. I soak in the warmth of the sun, the sweet scent of the flowers and the soft soothing sounds of breeze, ocean and gecko's laughter. In Kauai, the colors of nature look brighter, as if a veil were lifted from my eyes. It is truly heaven on earth!

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