Warm greetings friend. Just as we moved into our northern California home, life as we know it took a 180 degree turn. Like you, we shelter in place until the time comes to reemerge. The arrival of covid19 has changed everything as we know it. Individually and collectively, we hold uncertainty as to how this transition into birthing new patterns will unfold. This instability is filled with many emotions... curiosity, despair, wonder, anger, hope, grief, fear, Love. 
May we honor ALL our feelings as they arise with tender acceptance and compassion.

I am currently updating my on-line shop and hope to soon be up and running.
For now, I can offer this artgift  ~  Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Deck

My GIFT of APPRECIATION for you... RWA! Deck orders will include:
3 chakra posters - 12 assorted cards - 20 assorted bookmarks

Original paintings in my gallery remain available for purchase. 
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. stream@newmoonvisions.com 
sharing a haiku that came to me just before everything changed... with love and prayers of protection, Mara
it's time! tend to HER
lead with Love and Remember
time to surrender

rainbow warrior awaken!