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Custom Paintings Info

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You will receive full/exclusive rights to your commissioned image AND the original painting.

My customary charge is $55 per hour.

I ask for an initial down payment of $333 and equal installments at the completion of each phase.

Prior to beginning the painting, we would together co-create a simple contract, clearly stating all aspects of our agreement. The contract would include a timeline.

For a Full Color Image

minimum 12 x 12 in. (approximate size) to maximum 24 x 24 in. (approximate size) 

acrylic painting on canvas

20 to 50 hours total  (hours required depend on the size and complexity of the image)

cost range $1100 to $2750

The Four Phases of Creating a Commission Painting

1. VISION and DREAM (apprx 7 -10 hours)

Discuss & share ideas via email and phone, and possibly in-person.

Several rough, small 'thumbnail' sketches to be developed as our exploration continues. (I email these to you).

(if needed) Research various detail imagery to be used in the painting (ex: specific foods, trees, plants, symbols, etc.).

2. FINAL DRAWING and COLOR PALETTE (apprx 5 -10 hours)

Choose one thumbnail sketch and create the final 'to size' drawing (email you small copy for approval).

Decide upon colors (email you color samples for approval).

3. PAINT (apprx 5 to 25 hours)

Create the finished painting

Varnish the painting (for protection)

4. SCAN and SEND (apprx 3 - 5 hours)

OPTIONAL -I bring painting to be professionally scanned (a separate cost - apprx $30 to $60 depending on image size). This high quality digital scan will be what your graphic designer works with for all printing of images - website / brochures / T-Shirts/ etc.

You may choose to create the scan yourself, though I like to create one before the painting is shipped... just in case something happens in route!

Pack and ship painting. (shipping charges extra - I always ship safely and as reasonably as possible). Also possible for client to pick up their painting from my home or to meet in Eugene.