Dear Friends, It seems building our new home has a life of it's own... and does not necessarily follow my schedule! I had hoped to reopen my online shop on January 1st, but will have to delay. 

Please check back on SPRING EQUINOX 2020 ~ March 20th. My vision is to be setup in my new studio and open for online biz!

The one artgift still available for sale is our Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Deck

Also, original paintings in my gallery (that are not already sold) remain available for purchase. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have -

With rainbow blessing for the new year and deep appreciation for your support of my work... warmly, Mara

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Custom Paintings Info

see some of Mara's commissions below....


You will receive full/exclusive rights to your commissioned image AND the original painting.

My customary charge is $55 per hour.

I ask for an initial down payment of $333 and equal installments at the completion of each phase.

Prior to beginning the painting, we would together co-create a simple contract, clearly stating all aspects of our agreement. The contract would include a timeline.

For a Full Color Image

minimum 12 x 12 in. (approximate size) to maximum 24 x 24 in. (approximate size) 

acrylic painting on canvas

20 to 50 hours total  (hours required depend on the size and complexity of the image)

cost range $1100 to $2750

The Four Phases of Creating a Commission Painting

1. VISION and DREAM (apprx 7 -10 hours)

Discuss & share ideas via email and phone, and possibly in-person.

Several rough, small 'thumbnail' sketches to be developed as our exploration continues. (I email these to you).

(if needed) Research various detail imagery to be used in the painting (ex: specific foods, trees, plants, symbols, etc.).

2. FINAL DRAWING and COLOR PALETTE (apprx 5 -10 hours)

Choose one thumbnail sketch and create the final 'to size' drawing (email you small copy for approval).

Decide upon colors (email you color samples for approval).

3. PAINT (apprx 5 to 25 hours)

Create the finished painting

Varnish the painting (for protection)

4. SCAN and SEND (apprx 3 - 5 hours)

OPTIONAL -I bring painting to be professionally scanned (a separate cost - apprx $30 to $60 depending on image size). This high quality digital scan will be what your graphic designer works with for all printing of images - website / brochures / T-Shirts/ etc.

You may choose to create the scan yourself, though I like to create one before the painting is shipped... just in case something happens in route!

Pack and ship painting. (shipping charges extra - I always ship safely and as reasonably as possible). Also possible for client to pick up their painting from my home or to meet in Eugene.