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a view into an artists journey... words and pictures of the unfolding creative process.



Dear friends, it's a lovely sun-filled Oregon first day of spring and I want to share my 'just-birthed' original painting and haiku to accompany this celestial vision-song.

promise permeates
her intoxicating scent
inside young spring sky

With spring's arrival, lots of ideas are percolating and I am thinking of ways to GROW my artgift business.

HERE ARE 3 WAYS we can help each other...

1. If you know of a store that might enjoy carrying my artgifts, send me whatever info you have (store name, email, phone, address) and I will send you a gift of appreciation!

2. If the store you suggest orders from me, I will send you a  $50 gift certificate for New Moon Visions artgifts of your choice (cards/prints/magnets/stickers).

3. If you would like to receive my monthly email newsletter featuring artgift specials and inspirations, please send me your email address and i will send you a gift of gratitude!

Contact me here...

May you enjoy this season of promise, Mara


My Jasper Studio

Currently I have a studio in Lorane and a small, new studio in Jasper, at the home of my beloved.
This new year has already birthed two new painting collections ~ the Trinidad Series and the Verdant Flower Series. Both of these series of images are directly inspired by the gift of new love in my life... and a deep sense of arriving 'home' after a long journey. Here is a snapshot of my worktable in Jasper.


New Work-In-Progress

This first painting in my 'Verdant Flower' series is over half complete... I have so enjoyed unfolding this image and feeling the tenderness between the two lovers...


new mexico spring 2012 - sketch of 'santa fe mary' painting. i have a growing series of originals that i call 'santa fe mary'. These images share many of the following elements - a dark haired woman (mary) with buns, a shawl made of pueblo patterns, tibetan cloud forms... 


santa fe spring 2012 - first layers of RED! passion painting. she is a wild and free dancing goddess... i can feel the energy of horse medicine in her. i love the simplicity and power of red, black and white.


my santa fe studio in my dear friend david's home. i am very fortunate to have a place to work in santa fe... one of my favorite places to visit. there is so much inspiration in new mexico! i could spend years there drinking in landscape, the native american spirit, the light, the air!


santa fe spring 2012 - more sketches of another series i am developing called "Divine Beloved". These images share the theme of lovers, of sacred union, of deep passionate soul and high ecstatic spirit.


santa fe spring 2012 - much creative flow happening in my studio during this fruitful visit to the high desert of new mexico.


one of my many 'doodles'... i have hundreds of them! i LOVE line and i love to draw.