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Todays RWA! Reading

Todays RWA! Reading

DREAMING ~ Quality Card 18  
Mystery, Vision, Imagination 

Rainbow Warrior Awaken!
Step behind the veil.
The visions that await you,
Will tell a dreamer's tale.
So deep is the well within,
Where imagination flows.
Darkest mystery, have no fear,
Moons Guiding light does glow.

Beloved Rainbow Warrior, the message you are receiving when you draw the card of DREAMING is this...

you are now called upon to STEP BEHIND THE VEIL.

What does this mean, you may wonder? Daughter, slow down, listen, imagine, dream, create. 

We are speaking of allowing yourself to be called into the realm of the subconscious. This is the rich and potent world of intuitions, dreams and vision. It is through this realm that we make contact with great creativity, powerful magic and primal feelings. This can be a frightening place however, for there is no light to guide you other than your own inner light. As the moon reflects the light of the sun, our individual light is a reflection of the universal light of Divine Source. Ask for Divine protection as you explore. There is no need to fear the dark when you stay connected to the light. 

Dear One, gently breathe these medicine words into your body:

When Dreaming, I dance within the mystery of intuition and creativity.

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