Warm greetings friend. The arrival of covid19 has changed everything as we know it.
Individually and collectively, we hold uncertainty as to how this transition into birthing new patterns will unfold. 
This instability is filled with many emotions... curiosity, despair, wonder, anger, hope, grief, fear, Love. 
May we honor ALL our feelings as they arise with tender acceptance and compassion.

New Moon Visions Online SHOP

After 26 years in business, I have decided to slowly bring the ARTGIFT branch of New Moon Visions to a close.
This transition will likely be over several years. 

With this in mind... most of my ARTGIFTS are now offered at very low prices.
All orders receive FREE GIFTS of appreciation!


Dear friends, below you will find my selection of PRINTS that are currently available. (click on SALE Artgifts!)
With the vision of slowly, over several years, bringing the artgift branch of my business to a close...

I am offering my PRINTS at a very low price... $12 or $5 each!

(price of prints is determined by stock on hand - high inventory prints $5 / low inventory prints $12. As I run out of stock on low inventory prints, I may reprint some images and put them back on the site.)

NOTE on print #31 'Awakened Aphrodite': the vertical white borders are uneven, so i am including 1 free print for each print ordered.

Prints are 11 inches x 14 inches*    (*prints #9 and #43 are 11 x 13)

All orders receive FREE GIFTS of appreciation! (*cards are slight seconds)
orders $30 to $54.99:    6 assorted cards* - 2 chakra posters - 11 bookmarks
orders $55 to $87.99:    11 assorted cards* - 4 chakra posters - 22 bookmarks
orders $88 and above:  22 assorted cards* - 6 chakra posters - 33 bookmarks