Warm greetings friend. The arrival of covid19 has changed everything as we know it.
Individually and collectively, we hold uncertainty as to how this transition into birthing new patterns will unfold. 
This instability is filled with many emotions... curiosity, despair, wonder, anger, hope, grief, fear, Love. 
May we honor ALL our feelings as they arise with tender acceptance and compassion.

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After 26 years in business, I have decided to slowly bring the ARTGIFT branch of New Moon Visions to a close.
This transition will likely be over several years. 

With this in mind... most of my ARTGIFTS are now offered at very low prices.
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Who are the Rainbow Warriors?

Who are the Rainbow Warriors?


Children of Earth, it is time ... enter the Rainbow Door. Warriors of the Rainbow, arise and shine ... practice peace to help end war.

Seven years ago, I kept ‘hearing’ the words Rainbow Warrior in my mind and heart.  As time passed and this unfamiliar phrase repeated itself with greater intensity, I was inspired to create the painting Rainbow Warrior Awaken! in 2004.      

One spring afternoon I was visiting with Jill,  a wonderful grandmother and mentioned that I wanted to create a second painting about the Rainbow Warrior, but still didn’t really know what that meant. With a look of surprise, she proceeded to tell me that there are many prophecies among the Native Americans peoples that tell of this future tribe of powerful and peaceful leaders.  The moment I heard her words of confirmation, I cried tears of joy.  I began researching the prophecies and read Black Elk Speaks, a beautiful book by Jon G. Neihardt, about the Oglala Sioux holy man and his powerful vision as a young boy. Absorbing the symbols of his vision, I painted Enter the Rainbow Door in the summer of 2006.      

The essence of the prophecies tells of a time when our planet is ravaged by environmental destruction and in a grave state of imbalance caused by greed. A new tribe of people, of every color, culture and creed will gather and these Rainbow Children, through their brave, wise and compassionate actions, will help to heal the wounds of their Mother, the Earth.

In the fall of 2006 I met with my new friend Trinity Harris, who guided me through a deep healing session. A few months later, in winter, I was awakened night after night with dream message fragments.  I kept receiving this phrase ~ Rainbow Warrior Awaken! The answer is with the maiden.  I soon realized that I was going to begin a “project” about the Rainbow Warrior that combined my artwork with writing. I also knew that Trinity was the person I was to co-create this with.

I am filled with a sense of peace that I picked up the rainbow thread and followed it to a beautiful place, the birth of this deck.  I am not Native American and claim no expertise about the prophecies that arose from our wise ancestors.  I do know that these stories of hope ignited my imagination and I flew high in the Dream.  I also know that we are here on Mother Earth to develop compassion for Self and other, as well as to discover what we love and to share our healing gifts.  In doing so, we walk the Rainbow Way of Beauty.

When I speak of the Rainbow Way of Beauty, I am dreaming of a reverent and authentic way of living on our planet that springs from cooperation and love. I am imagining a life guided by the light of Spirit, in which our actions are in service to each other and to the health of our earth. My vision of healing is one that begins within the individual heart and unfolds outward into the world, expanding beyond the universe. In keeping with this vision, Rainbow Warrior Awaken! offers inspiration that gently awakens our personal awareness as we practice living a life in balance.

We are experiencing a deeply discordant time similar to those described in the prophecies.  A profound shift toward compassionate consciousness is needed for Gaia and her children (human, animal, plant and mineral) to be restored to health and balance.  At this time, we are also witnessing the rebirth of the Sacred Feminine aspect of Divine Source, which has been dishonored for far too long. Children of earth are being called to remember and revere the Divine Feminine qualities of Love, Unity, Harmony, Trust and Beauty.  May this tool of Sacred Feminine guidance speak to the tender maiden within the heart of us all, whatever our age or gender.

Rainbow Warriors Awaken!  The time is Now! Written by Mara Maquindi Berendt Friedman, Fall 2010