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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We have heard from many happy customers since we first published Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Your Journey of Guidance and Healing in November of 2010. Here are just a few examples of what our customers have said about RWA!

"Rainbow Warrior Awaken! is alchemic love juice in a box."
-April Bolding, Seattle WA

The cards are just gorgeous and so well made. They have a wonderful feel in one's hands.

I tried my first reading with them a couple weeks ago with an important question about the direction of my work with girls and women. I enjoyed learning the system and selecting some special cloths to use for the spread and to wrap the deck and book in. And setting my intention. ...And wow, I received really great insights that are still potent for me. Thank you!

I do feel that there is something very special about this deck for our time, and that I am lucky to have caught the wave. May we find the path together.

Love, Katharine of Journey Of Young Women     Connect with Katharine on Facebook

I love your deck sooo much!!! I was drawn to Mara's art for a while and I have one of her magnets on my fridge! I was drawn to the RWA deck instantly when I saw it in New Renaissance in Portland Oregon!!! I love the art and the messages are profoundly healing. They feel in tune with personal and planetary evolution. When I first opened the RWA deck I actually heard drum beats. I felt like ancient ancestors were with me!!! Thank you for creating this magical deck! My favorite card is Service 444! Love and Light. Andrea Dombecki, Portland, OR

"The Rainbow Warrior Awaken Cards and guide simply changed my life. I started using them during a time of great transition. The wisdom within them, guided me gently, yet with great spiritual force. I am forever grateful to know Trinity and Mara - and to use their magnificent creation -
one that is a brilliant conduit between the earth and the sky plane."
-Nancy Mills, Los Angeles, Founder, The Spirited Woman

"LOVE the deck! I have them with me here in Australia. Shared both privately and publicly
with HOSTS of amazing comments!"
-Saida Desilets, Author of Emergence of the Sensual Woman and creator of the Desilets Method

"Hi Trinity and Mara,
I have had the opportunity now to work with your beautiful cards and all I can say is THANK YOU! They are beautiful and powerful-I love that you included the chakras and the directions. This is an amazing deck and I will be promoting it here in Arizona for you. Big hugs and Sunshine!"
-Katherine Metcalf, The Conscious Community

"Dear Trinity and Mara. Thank you for sending your colorful deck. Such a delight to see some of my favorite images, and some new ones. I like the three deck idea too and my apprentices went "Wow!". Thank you. Thank you! Green Blessings."
-Susun Weed, author of Healing Wise and Menopausal Years; the Wise Woman Way.

"I just ordered yet another one of your beautiful RWA! decks. I've ordered so many as gifts and gifted the decks I have intended to keep for myself twice now (I can't help it- they make such wonderful gifts and it really feels like these decks NEED to make their way far and wide into the world:) Looking forward to holding them in my hands again ad receiving their deep wisdom."
-Jennifer Popkin, Toronto Canada

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Rainbow Warrior Awaken cards you sent me a while ago. I have been using the cards once a week and they have been very accurate so far in guiding me on my journey. I immediately felt a connection to the images and words. Having studied and read the Major Arcana cards for over ten years, I found additional meanings to the cards in your text and I now feel like I have a deeper understanding that will help me as well as the people I read for. The deck will be a lifetime companion I am sure and I will keep it in mind as a gift for friends and family when possible. Thank you again and please notify me of any future creations of yours that I might enjoy."
-Victoria Lagerstrom, Springdale, UT

"I stayed awake most of last night, totally consumed with my deck. Brilliant work! I love the size and the reverse sides of all three decks. I love the eight points of the year. You are both so richly guided. I am so blessed to have this healing tool. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
-Darshana Freechild, Eugene OR

"I just did a reading for myself with your new divination deck and found it to be the simplest and clearest to use of any deck I've ever tried. I like the three card layout ~ the three types of cards are very meaningful. I felt that I got a clear unambiguous answer to my question. Clearly you tuned in to the higher realms for your inspiration. It will be a help to a lot of people. Love and thanks."
-Sunny Schneider, Eugene OR

"Dear Trinity and Mara. Your wonderful deck is just superb! I am so impressed with the complexity and beauty of your arrangement, words and images. I will be studying it for years to come I am sure."
-Anne Allenketner, Eugene OR