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New Moon Visions was founded in 1994, almost 3 decades ago.
I am deeply grateful to be able to offer my visions thru paintings, prints and other artgifts.

Thank you from my heart for your support of my artwork over all these years. mara

drawings & writings

Dear friend,
The polarization around us intensifies and it's a daily challenge to not lose balance and fall into despair. In the midst of chaos, how to remain centered?
One way is to keep on doing what we love. By nourishing ourself, we are strengthened. What feeds my soul most these uncertain days is drawing and writing. Sharing the first offering of an evolving collection of work… my inner response to these epic times of transformation. A long-held vision is to create a series
of coloring books for earthstar children (us) and here's the start! Until that happens, if you'd like... please print, color and nourish your sweet self.    
in Grace, mara 
Remember & Rise 1 - 8/29/20
earthstar daughter stands tall upon our ravaged earth
she sends rainbow roots deep into the Mother
roots to help her withstand the relentless storms

tenderly carrying the dream of healing in her heartmind
she soars high above the chaos
her spirit inspires others to rise and remember

when we hold strong our vision of an evolved earth
the power of our collective heart will carry us thru the darkness
to the serene shore of awakening

free, online coloring pages for covidtimes © Mara Friedman

Remember & Rise 2 - 9/2/20
earthstar daughter remember and rise
each time fear clouds your eyes
whenever fear knocks you down
rise up,reach out, look around
do you remember what you came here for?
why your soul stepped thru the human door?
we are here to awaken, learn and grow
we rise higher with each truth we know
trust the truth that embracing fear makes us strong
trust the truth that our mistakes are never wrong
we are growing in the knowing that we are One With All
full trust in this Truth and we will never fall

free, online coloring pages for covidtimes © Mara Friedman

Remember & Rise 3 - 9/6/20
On this Labor Day weekend, reflecting on these trying times we are living through has inspired a drawing to share with you.
Symbols that mean much to me showed up in this musing: sacred arrow of the Awakened Feminine, whalesoul of compassion,
fire of transformation, sacred earth of the four directions. 
covidtimes labor day haiku
   our sacred labor
   united we protect Her
   earth heart is our heart

free, online coloring pages for covidtimes © Mara Friedman

Remember & Rise 4 - 9/10/20
Our skies are filled with smoke. Our hearts are clouded with grief.
How do we proceed in times of great need?
fire all around!
how do we find our center?
HER heart beats in us.

overwhelm engulfs!
how do we not get knocked down?
HER body holds us.

darkness overcomes!
how do we find our way home?
HER spirit guides us.

free, online coloring pages for covidtimes © Mara Friedman

Remember & Rise 5 - 9/25/20 
Tuesday was fall equinox. A holy moment of equilibrium. A moment where day and night are of equal length A moment of balance between light and dark. Though the earth faithfully follows Her harmonious, cosmic cycles, civilization at this moment in time is anything but balanced. It can feel as if we are spinning out of control. When the chaos becomes overwhelming and too much to bear, be still. Take a moment to breathe, to pray... be nourished by the protection and love of our ancestors and angels.
   when chaos surrounds
   climb to higher ground and meet
   kin who support you

   reach high in your mind
   and find within your heart YOU
   guiding you to truth

free, online coloring pages for covidtimes © Mara Friedman

Remember & Rise 6 - 10/3/2020
With bruised hearts, we emerge from the assault on our collective psyche that was the first presidential debate.
When the ground beneath us cracks, shakes and shifts, hold on to the Truth of Trust.
When the wave of misinformation hits like a tsunami, hold on to the Truth of Love.
Haiku of Hope
cross pollination
our current of Love flows strong
sharing heart wisdom

free, online coloring pages for covidtimes © Mara Friedman

Remember & Rise 7 - 10/12/20
beloved Earthstar Children
REMEMBER we can balance fear with LOVE

with each tender breath
RISE up into the LIGHT and heal your breaking heart

the challenges of life provide fertile ground for awakening...
we are transforming into AWAKENED butterflies of BEAUTY!

free, online coloring pages for covidtimes © Mara Friedman

Remember & Rise 8 - 10/16/20
Somedays are heavy with doubt and despair. Other days are light with trust and hope. I give thanks for those precious moments when my heart opens to the Beautiful possibilities that arise like a phoenix from the ashes of these chaotic and fiery times of transformation.
Yesterday was the new moon in Libra… a magnified moment to plant vision-seeds of harmony, justice and balance. All potential exists within the vision of our heart-eye. Our positive visions are flames of inspiration that we pass on to others, lighting hearts with hope.

Beloved Earthstar Children… remember and rise!
Drum in the new earth!
Sing in a world of balance!
Dance in our future!
free, online coloring pages for covidtimes © Mara Friedman